By Ramya Sundrapandi


This lovely lady is Caitlin West, the artisan behind this month's feature pantry item from Calmer Sutra Tea. Caitlin founded Calmer Sutra Tea back in 2002 out of a personal desire to bring a quality 'real chai' to Melbourne's cafe scene and into our home kitchens.

A good chai, she believes must use fresh ginger - one of the key ingredients to getting that authentic fiery zing. By combining 8 spices, black tea leaves and local honey the Calmer team bring a well rounded chai to your cup.

Caitlin and her team are very passionate about ensuring all product which walks out the door is of the best quality and as fresh as possible. As soon as you grind or open up a whole spice it will begin to release its aroma and slowly over time lose its vitality and flavour. This is why at Calmer Sutra Tea they grind to order daily, to ensure the freshest product possible is reaching the customer.

Calmer Sutra Tea has over the years expanded beyond their signature chai, to a deluxe collection of hand crafted organic teas, tisanes, specialty brews and chai varieties, all of which we hope to introduce in the Bayside Farm Box.

Welcome to the Farm Box Family guys and thank you for warming our cockles with ur amazing chai. Now available in our online pantry.