By Ramya Sundrapandi


Meet Cathy Copomolla, the Melbourne artisan behind organic food brand Radiant Wellness. Our free pantry item for Organic Farm Box subscribers this month is Cathy's award winning 100% organic, hand-made Maple Vanilla Crunch Granola.

According to Cathy, Radiant Wellness started as a bit of an accident. Cathy, could never find a healthy cereal she loved which wasn't full of sugar and contained no nasties, so she started making her own granola. She would share her granola creations with her family and also with clients (she is a certified Health Coach), who would in turn share it with their friends and before long, everyone wanted to buy her hand-made granolas from her. And thus, like most entrepreneurial stories, Cathy’s accidental venture into making health food started in order to satisfy a need in the market.

Welcome to the Farm Box Family Cathy! We look forward to tasting more of your creations.

Add Cathy's super scrumptious Maple Vanilla Crunch Granola to your Farm Box now!