By Ramya Sundrapandi


This week’s recipe is from foodie super mum Eleni, who is part of our fabulous Farm Box Family. She loves to cook (both healthily and indulgently) for her family and friends and has a huge appreciation for amazing produce and food. She bakes to meditate! Check out her creations on Instagram on @elenifoodysouthmelb and enjoy this simple and versatile curd recipe from her repertoire.

  • 100g grapefruit juice (can use any citrus juice)
  • 165g eggs at room temperature beaten
  • 150g caster sugar
  • 100g butter
  • 4g gold leaf gelatin soaked in water and drained

Place the eggs, grapefruit juice, butter and caster sugar in a microwave proof bowl and hand whisk to combine.

Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 sec bursts on high, whisking well between each burst until the mixture is thick and bubbling. The entire cooking process should take no longer than 6 minutes depending on the output of your microwave.

Once cooked, add the gelatine and whisk to dissolve fully.

Strain into a clean bowl, and set over an ice bath to cool. Cover with cling wrap to avoid a skin forming.

Enjoy the curd on anything. Eleni loves it on yoghurt with strawberries and toasted nuts.