About Us

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Bayside Farm Box is an organic food delivery business that services Melbourne’s Bayside and Inner South East suburbs.

We specialize in the home delivery of the freshest organic fruit and veg and artisan, Australian made pantry items. We handpick, pack and deliver newly harvested organic produce from the market straight to your doorstep ALL ON THE SAME DAY!  Yes, we head to the Market at 2.00am, handpick organic produce that has just arrived from the various organic farms, bring it back to our warehouse in Moorabbin, get it packed into boxes of organic amazingness and are on the road by 10am to deliver your Organic Farm Box to you. All this is done by a team of local mums!

 Not all Melbourne organic food delivery services are equal. The Bayside Farm Box is for the Melbournian who understands that consumption should be based on quality not quantity, understands that organic farming and consuming is the way of the future, wants to nourish their family with premium-quality organic food at its nutritional optimum and is a foodie!

Our organic food delivery service is like none other. Each Organic Farm Box comes with five health-coach designed recipes you can cook with your Farm Box items that week, we have a private Facebook group for all our subscribers, which is a place for us to share ideas and recipes and we also have a 100% no questions asked replace or refund policy. All this, in addition to free delivery! It actually doesn't get any better than the Bayside Farm Box, when it comes to Organic fruit and veg delivery in Bayside & South East Melbourne.

At Bayside Farm Box we believe that consuming naturally grown, chemical and pesticide-free produce should be the norm and not something to do a song and dance about. Chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics in food have far reaching negative effects on the self and the environment. We know this, you know this and the evolution of the human race is to acknowledge this and move forward.

Consuming foods that contain no nasties, is not just for yuppies and hippies, it is the only way to nourish our selves and our families everyday. This is the start point at Bayside Farm Box and we give you a 100% guarantee that you will always receive the best of the best naturally grown and produced nasties-free box of certified organic fruit and veg available.

Bayside Farm Box is much more than an organic home delivery service. We are here to enrich your life.  

email : office@baysidefarmbox.com

Instagram : @baysidefarmbox

Facebook : www.facebook.com/baysidefarmbox