• What is the Bayside Farm Box?

The vision of the Bayside Farm Box is to enrich the lives of our customers by connecting them to the rich diversity of Australia and its food growers and artisans. Our aim is to delight and surprise with every Farm Box. 

The Bayside Farm Box is one of a kind. In addition to the most beautiful box of no-nasties, organic fruit and veg available from our farmers and wholesalers, the Organic Farm Box features a meal plan using items in the Farm Box every week and also a surprise pantry item monthly. The monthly pantry items are sourced from food producers who have a passion for healthy and wholesome eating and ethical agriculture practices.

Once these pantry items are featured in the Box, they are made available as add on purchases in our Pantry section.

  •  Where is the Farm Box delivered?

 Please check the 'Delivery" tab.

  •  When is the Farm Box delivered?


  •  Can I pick up my Farm Box?

Yes you can, from Moorabbin through prior arrangement. Please email us on office@baysidefarmbox.com to discuss!

  •  What payments are accepted?

Payment for one-off, Special Gift box orders can be made via credit card, PayPal or bank deposit. If paying by bank deposit, please email the payment proof to office@baysidefarmbox.com so that your order is processed.

Weekly and Fortnightly subscribers can make weekly payments by credit card only.

 Sorry we do not accept cash on delivery.

  •  Who is a Subscriber?

Our Subscribers are our special Farm Box community members who order weekly/fortnightly boxes and extras. Subscribers get lower priced Farm Boxes, have access to a closed Facebook group to exchange recipes and interact with the community and also get special surprises from time to time!

  • What happens if I need to skip my Farm Box delivery?

You can skip your Farm Box delivery anytime for a maximum period of six weeks consecutively. Click here to see how to skip your box.

After six weeks, you will have to re-subscribe to your weekly Farm Box, at the published Lifestyle Box price at the time of reactivation. 

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

Please email us at office@baysidefarmbox.com if you would like to cancel your subscription. 

  •  When do I need to have my order in by?

 Cut off is 5pm WEDNESDAY. 

  • What if I miss cut off? Can I still order?

We will always try and help you out if we can. Please email our office on office@baysidefarmbox.com and we will advise you if we can help. 

  •  Do I have to be at home/office when my Farm Box is delivered?

No, most of our customers are out at the time of delivery. Just let us know of a safe place to leave your box. The box is sealed and protected from the elements, so your produce is safe. However, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any unforeseen damage or theft to your order after we have left it in the safe place specified by you. Please bring your Farm Box indoors as soon as you can!

  •  What is in the Farm Box each week?
What makes the box and quantities is dependant on the following in order of priority:
1. Freshness - we only buy newly harvested organic produce
2. Quality - we only buy class one organic produce
3. Market price - growers change their prices on a weekly basis, but we only charge a set price, so need to buy within budget.
Every week and every season is different. Box contents can be subject to change last minute due to availability. If this is the case and we are unable to provide you with an item, were will replace it with something else that is available and let you know. 

We update the website every Saturday to give you an idea of what will be in the box on Monday.

  •  Can I customise/change my Farm Box?

No. The essence of the Farm Box service is that we provide you nourishment at its nutritional optimum, so what the organic growers have available ON THE DAY of delivery.

There is no guarantee from our organic farmers and wholesalers  that what we pre-order will be available. This is the nature of seasonal and organic yield, which is dependant on so many factors, in particular the weather and elements. Therefore it is unfeasible for you to custom build your box.

However, you do have the option to exclude whatever items you want from your box each week. Just send us a note or email us when you make an order and we will make sure you never see your exclusions. Any exclusions will be replaced with a different item or more of another item.

You can also add extra pantry items to your box from our online Pantry. 

  •  How much fruit and veg is there in the Farm Box?

The Small Lifestyle Farm Box typically feeds 1-3 people, the Medium Lifestyle Farm Box typically feeds 2-4 people and the Large Farm Box typically feeds 3-5 people.  However this is a guide only, as every one's eating habits vary.  We suggest that you experiment with the Boxes until you know what suits you. 

Important note: The difference between a shop and the Farm Box is that a shop will change prices of their items on a daily basis, dependant on market price, but we can't, as we charge an on-going price regardless of market price fluctuations. Therefore, the quantity of each Farm Box is largely dependant on market price and availability.  

  •  Where does the fresh produce come from?

We buy from the Melbourne Market and deliver to you on the same day! This is why the Farm Box is of such premium quality. We purchase our fruit and veg from the wholesale market by certified organic wholesalers. All our fruit and veg is either certified organic or certified biodynamic.

  •  What if I am not happy with my Box?

Our aim is to give you the best of the best certified organic produce available to us, therefore we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with a product or our service we will replace the item without question. To make a return, contact us on office@baysidefarmbox.com.

Please note however that all replacements are only applicable for 24hrs after delivery.

  • Can I make suggestions for new products or better services?

Yes! We are always looking for new artisans to partner up with to achieve our vision of highlighting the rich diversity of Australia and its food artisans! So we would love to hear from you with product suggestions. Also, to provide you with the best of the best, we need your feedback, so please get in touch by emailing us on office@baysidefarmbox.com.