1. Want to give yourself and your family the best possible shot at a long and healthy life for as little as $6.50 (for couples) - $9.00 (for families) a day?
2. Sick of throwing away your money on over-priced fruit and veg which: 
  • has been sitting on a shelf for god knows how long;
  • doesn't last half as long as it should; 
  • doesn't taste half as good as it should?
3. Can't keep track of when the Farmer's Markets are on (eg. every seventh Sunday on every 2nd month on a leap year!!!!) and don't have three hours to kill at the market on the weekend?
4. Care about the fact that so much of the produce we eat these days is  ridden with illness-causing chemicals and want to feed yourself and your family produce which is at its nutritional optimum?
Then you have come to the right place! 
Bayside Farm Box is a local business in Bayside Melbourne which provides an affordable, convenient and hassle free solution to all these problems.


Every Thursday morning, we arrive at the market at 2.00am, just as newly harvested produce arrives from the organic farms to handpick the best of the best new harvest for the Farm Box. We then hand-pack each Farm Box with this amazing produce and deliver it straight to your doorstep ALL ON THE SAME DAY!

We also offer a, FREE SURPRISE PANTRY ITEM once a month and MEAL PLAN in every box.
If it's a long and healthy life, value for money, quality, variety and convenience, you are looking for, it doesn't get any better than the Bayside Farm Box!
JOIN THE FARM BOX FAMILY today and get $10 off your 1st Lifestyle Farm Box.