The Weekly Review - June 2016

Healthy and hassle-free organic eating with Bayside Farm Box.

Who should do it?
Anyone who values fresh, healthy eating using quality produce – and supporting local business – especially if you don’t have time or energy to go to the shops.

Would I do it again?
My shopping days are over.

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Holli Harrison

5 stars

Fresh and great quality organics are hard to find locally. We can't pack up the car and take a day trip to Mornington Peninsula every weekend! This is the answer. Delivered to your door, fresh from the market, beautiful, delicious organic or chemical free produce. You guys do an amazing job. Thank you for making my life a bit easier!



Rebecca Feingold

5 stars

Receiving this delightful box of organic goodness is the highlight of my week! I have never had organic produce so perfectly delicious, am a die hard fan.



Tina Louise Ciavarella

5 stars

Fresh top of the line organic produce delivered right into our hands. It's like a fun box full of amazing yummy goods! I've been a subscriber/regular for over 4 months now and I absolutely can't recommend this enough xox



Fran Max

5 stars

Always impressed with how fresh the produce is. I love my Farm Box!! ❤



Sarah Kush

5 stars

Getting my groceries delivered to me while I work from home is the best. Love that the Farm Box makes me eat a more interesting and healthy variety of fruit and veg than I would normal eat, especially because everything is so much more delicious than the supermarket crap that's been refrigerated for months.



Charlene Hue Ming Edwards

5 stars

Love, love, love my weekly Farm Box. The produce is absolutely amazing and I just love the personal touches - the hand stamped boxes, the hand written card, the pantry item surprise and the weekly recipe. What an excellent service. Thank you!



Carly Susic

5 stars

Week three now and I am excited to say I am loving my Bayside Farm Box, it is great to have fresh organic produce delivered weekly with a surprise in every box. Would recommend to anyone to try, I have had other suppliers in the past deliver weekly boxes but the quality was not the same and Bayside Farm Box is organic which is a big bonus for me.



Caitlin Maxwell

5 stars

The absolute best value and produce delivered weekly! I'd be lost without my Farm Box!



Tina Kourkoutzelos

5 stars

Fresh, yum and wonderful! Organic, chemical free vegetables and fruits so much gorgeousness ready to eat! We love it, thank you for such a great service.



Christina Bruce

5 stars

Many thanks for my weekly Farm Box. We absolutely love it. Handpicked on the day, we appreciate the effort and intention behind it. Such goodness. My only wish is for an extra fruit box. Can't get enough ☺️


Clare Water

5 stars

Love this fresh, organic produce! I love that it increases the variety of the fruit and vegetables that we consume - my kids even say they can taste the difference and willingly eat fruit/veg that they normally wouldn't want to eat! The customer service is fantastic and provides great communication and updates. Love the weekly recipe provided too! A great way to purchase fresh, high quality organic fruit and vegetables.


Emily Cater

5 stars

Great produce but even better customer service. Real variety and flexible options. So much better than the competition!